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Your home’s
interior design

Choice of colours

Decorating ideas

Revive your home’s

Colourful furniture

Interior design

Interior design

A professional interior designer can carry out your renovation project

Creation of atmosphere

Creation of atmosphere

An atmosphere creator can revamp your house, store or office

Space optimization

Space optimization

Are you short of space? Discover tips to remedy this!

Interior decoration

Interior decoration

Choose an ethnic and chic decoration, for instance the Scandinavian one…

Interior design specialists

Call on an interior design specialist to create a child’s or newborn’s room based on a specific theme. This space design expert can transform an adults’ room by adding a relaxing atmosphere. His/her intervention makes it possible to carry out a tailor-made interior decoration. He/she’s trained to turn your office or a classic living room into a warmer and more distinctive place. To give your home a new look, you can ask for furniture to be arranged, coverings to be laid or rooms to be made more accessible. To renovate your home, you can call on architects, designers or interior decorators. With a wide range of design options, you can refresh the look of your home, more on

Give your home a warm smell
Give your home a warm smell

Room fragrances

Give your home a
warm smell

Home fragrances

Improve the comfort of your home by adding a warm scent. You can choose from different formats of home fragrances: perfume diffusers, pillow mists, scented candles, room fragrances or linen mists. The advantage of home fragrances is that they improve your mood, reproduce a relaxing atmosphere or a festive mood. Some fragrances promote concentration. This is the case with home fragrances composed of tonka bean, Aleppo pine or cade wood. Visit to find a wide variety of scents.

70's decor

The seventies design is
back in force

Personalized decoration

The return of wallpaper

Wallpaper is becoming a trend in interior design.

The flower power atmosphere

Flower power symbolizes a non-violent ideology.

Upcycling, recovery and online flea market

Vintage decorating pieces

Vintage style

To reproduce vintage decor, you need to choose the right elements and combine them intelligently. By choosing the right furniture, colours, materials or objects, you will be able to reproduce authentic vintage decor. Some of the accessories you will need to include in your décor are filament bulbs, illuminated letters similar to the signs of yesteryear, rattan furniture or a Scandinavian wardrobe. The suitable colours for a vintage room are usually mustard yellow or pastel. In terms of materials, you should choose objects made of copper, leather, Formica, velvet, rattan and cement tiles.

Boost your home's interior design

Decorating tips


Green plants

Green plants

Set up a green plant corner to enhance your interior design.



You have a wide choice of carpets, Berber rugs, Moroccan rugs, etc.

Multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture

The folding bed is a particularly useful piece of furniture in a small flat.

Wall decoration

Decorative ideas for
your walls

Wall shelves

Add more fun to your interior design by investing in an unusual wall shelf.


Paintings are essential and timeless decorative items for your wall.

Wall plaques

Wall plaques and panels are unique decoration items to embellish your home’s interior.


Revive your kitchen or living room by investing in an industrial or vintage wall clock.