Decorative accessories

How to keep your home clean and eliminate unwanted odors?

Perfume, air freshener, scented candles… there are many ways to purify your home according to the source of odor you want to get rid of. There are many examples: it can be the litterĀ  of your pets; the washing machine…

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Decorative accessories: why not go for second hand?

Giving a second life to decorative accessories is a good way to give your home an unusual charm. Not only do they bring a special touch to the interior, thanks to the objects being so different from the trendy ones…

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How to choose your lighting fixtures?

The light fixture is a key instrument in a house. It can be used as a decorative object during the day and as a lighting tool at night. But choosing the right light fixture is not always easy when faced…

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Wall decoration: when a simple picture is no longer enough!

The wall decoration can perfect the tone of a room. It dazzles the interior of a room. By opting for photo frames, mirrors or for well-polished paint, wall decoration should not be taken lightly. Sometimes people think that a few…

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How can I give a kitchen a makeover without changing the furniture?

These days, everyone wants to make a little change in their homes. Whether it’s in the bedroom, living room, dining room or kitchen, a change can make the house more beautiful and eliminate obsolete elements. Therefore, do a makeover for…

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