How to eliminate odors in the bathroom?

In a bathroom, pipes, tile joints, humidity, toilets and mold are sources of bad odors. If the bathroom is poorly ventilated, these unpleasant odors can even permeate the entire house. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep this room smelling…

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Why green plants can boost your home?

The beginning of a life full of freedom is to have a nice house. To realize your dream of serenity, you need to ensure the decoration of your home. It is an excellent alternative to make harmony and peace reign…

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How to create a Zen atmosphere in your bathroom?

To recharge and relax, you don’t always have to go to a spa, because your bathroom can become your favorite relaxation room. Change your mind and create a corner of relaxation and serenity in your home. Give your bathroom a…

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How to design your kitchen like a bistro?

It is currently fashionable to have a wonderful bistro style kitchen. The most important creation of this space is to reproduce the atmosphere of an American or Parisian bar or bistro with its specificities: attractive equipment, wall panelsĀ imitating various materials,…

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How to create an ethnic spirit in your home?

To create an ethnic style in your interior is really a good idea specially to have more originality and more novelty. So, if you want to give a little atmosphere in your home just with your decorations, opt for the…

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What are the benefits of aromatherapy?

Anxiety, colds, skin problems, aromatherapy is indicated as the remedy in several pathologies. It is a branch of phytotherapy that relies on the use of essential oils to relieve more orĀ  less important ailments. But what are its benefits? Aromatherapy:…

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