How is the 70’s design coming back into our homes?

You thought old fashion was out of fashion? Well, that's not the case with interior design. This year, the 70's style is back in force. Gone are the minimalist, uncluttered decorations; now we're going for the flashy colors, the quirky and the energetic look of the carefree era. Here are 3 precious tips to adopt the seventies style in your home.

A mixture of materials

If in the contemporary decoration, one privileges the use of few materials; it is not the case with the 70s design. In this kind of decoration, the mixture of materials is strongly recommended. You can therefore use as many materials as you want, whether for furniture, textiles, or decorative accessories. For furniture, the materials to be favored are mainly wood and rattan. They are used everywhere: for tables, chairs, beds, sofas, etc. Another key material is plastic. As for textiles, light and comfortable fabrics such as velvet or fleece are recommended. Finally, for decorative accessories, you can combine glass with  brass or ceramic.

Warm and flashy colors

The seventies were a rather cheerful period. This cheerful and warm mood is even reflected in the interior of the home. Warm and flashy colors were favored for the rooms. In fact, the most popular colors are yellow, orange, green and brown.
  • Yellow: In interior design, yellow is synonymous with warmth and joy. This color brings positive energy and a festive atmosphere.
  • Orange: This color reflects the image of fire and sun. It brightens the room and makes it more dynamic.
  • Green: bring a certain freshness to your room with the color green.
  • Brown: this timeless color makes the room more welcoming and friendly.

Must-haves that should not be overlooked

Like any type of decor, there are a few pieces that are a must in your 70s-style interior. Here are a few examples:
  • The egg chair: still very trendy in 2021, this chair appeared in the 70s. As its name suggests, it is an armchair in the shape of an egg. It guarantees real comfort and ease, and is ideal for relaxing and unwinding.
  • The tam-tam stool: this is a stool made of plastic whose design strongly resembles that of an hourglass. If you want to bring out the 70's design, then this furniture is a must-have. Feel free to install several multicolored models in your home.
  • The wallpaper: what would a 70s house be without the wallpapers that adorn it? For a better result, choose patterns like flowers or psychedelic.

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