Milan Furniture Fair: what’s new in design?

The iconic Milan Furniture Fair has long attracted luxury brands, which have diversified into the world of home furnishings in recent years, perfecting the infinite approaches to design and furniture from around the world. It is the most prodigious place for designers to present their new products. Lighting, furniture and other household goods are exhibited here like works of art.

Milan Furniture Fair: what is it all about?

With almost 400,000 visitors, 2,000 exhibitors, 188 countries represented, a huge exhibition and oversized stands, the Furniture Fair is undoubtedly the most important annual event in the Lombardy capital. It's even more than the four fashion weeks put together. During the fair, you can meet the best designers and architects, heavyweights of the Italian and international furniture industry, new talents, labels, and student works. On the one hand, the business part takes place at the exhibition in a vast park. On the other hand, the city hosts countless cultural events from the off.

The Milan Furniture Fair and Innovation

The Milan Furniture Fair is truly a gathering place for talent. The most talented architects, designers, kitchen designers and planners come together to show the world their design vision and expertise. In just a few days, Milan became a global theatre that celebrated the beauty and originality of all the innovations and designs related to interior design. Indeed, the Milan Furniture Fair was created in 1961 to improve the quality of Italian furniture and craftsmanship. Over the years, it has become a must-attend event for all architecture and design lovers.

The exhibition and its new modes of operation

This furniture exhibition will take advantage of the smaller scale and present a new business model. For example, these brands will appear in a modular arrangement of plywood walls that can be broken down, reused and also recycled, rather than the elaborate stands of recent years. In addition, the public will be allowed to participate in events throughout the week, and for the first time, manufacturers will be able to sell parts from their catalogues directly at the show. Major brands will be showcasing their projects during the show, although some brands have chosen to skip the show altogether or hold shows in local showrooms.

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