3 smart storage solutions for a small bathroom

Between the hygiene products, cosmetics and the various cloths to be stored in the bathroom, it is often difficult to find all the space to accommodate all these objects. Sometimes the challenge is even greater when the room is narrow. How can you create practical storage space in your small shower?

Make efficient use of space

In a small bathroom, it becomes imperative to optimize the management of space in order to give the room a sense of grandeur. To do this, it is advisable to use every corner of the shower. Take advantage of vacant spaces (such as lost corners) to create storage areas. Also consider two-in-one arrangements, i.e., furniture that can perform two functions at once. For example, the bottom of the shower, which is a wasted space, can be used for a storage box that can also be used for sitting. In any case, the most important thing is to use white for your shelves. This will make the room appear larger.

Tips for optimizing the layout

If you can afford to do some work, concealed cupboards can also be a good solution. By making your shelves invisible, you can give the room a larger feel and a cleaner look. Alternatively, consider nested drawers. These vanity units are specifically designed to have multiple levels and sizes of storage. The space under the bathtub can also be used for shelves, which will allow you to keep towels and bath products within easy reach. The same goes for a cupboard above the toilet to store toilet paper. You should also group the functions by grouping the products and accessories according to their use. This will make it easier to find a space to store them.

Choose practical accessories

In addition to design and layout, the use of multi-functional accessories can also improve storage in a small bathroom. For example, you can install hooks near the sink to hang towels and other linens. This is also a great way to exploit the verticality of the room. By choosing a mirror with a wide frame, you also save space, as the edge can accommodate your toiletries. In addition, install a storage column at full height so as not to clutter the space. Finally, a wall bracket (for small appliances) is a good solution for saving space.

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