How to optimize space in a small apartment?

When you live in a home with limited space, decorative objects, kitchen utensils, and even furniture tend to invade the space. Storage space can also be in short supply. If you can't push the walls out to save space in a small apartment, the solution is to take advantage of every nook and cranny, especially from floor to ceiling. Which idea should you adopt?

Limit the amount of furniture

In a small apartment, the aim is to keep the circulation in each room as unobstructed as possible. In this case, the number of pieces of furniture to be installed should be limited. On the other hand, it is advisable to turn to multifunctional innovations. You can, for example, bet on a wall unit. This type of furniture can accommodate a bookcase and a wardrobe at the same time. This piece of furniture can also structure the living space. It can be used to separate the entrance and the living room. In this same concept, it is also possible to opt for folding furniture. In the bedroom, it is clever to use a folding bed. During the day, this piece of furniture can, for example, be used as wall storage.

Create high storage areas

When floor space is limited, the best solution is to use the walls and the height under the ceiling to create storage space. Placing wall shelves is a good alternative to free-standing furniture. At the same time, these furnishings make it possible to multiply the storage areas. It is also possible to adopt suspended shelves. Hanging from the ceiling, they optimize the space and give rhythm to the decoration of the room without weighing down the atmosphere. However, it should be noted that this solution is particularly suitable for apartments with high ceilings.

Investing in unused space

Every square centimeter can be widely exploited in a small apartment. For example, storage corners can be created on the crooked corners, the wall under the slope or even the condemned chimney. In principle, all that is needed is to put in place medium boards and hinges in order to create custom-made shelves. The occupant can also use the space available under the staircase to create storage space according to his or her lifestyle. However, it must not become a catch-all. It is also important to think about the decoration. This space can be organized according to the use and frequency of use of the objects. You can, for example, put shelves, drawers or a closed wardrobe

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