How to keep your home clean and eliminate unwanted odors?

Perfume, air freshener, scented candles... there are many ways to purify your home according to the source of odor you want to get rid of. There are many examples: it can be the litter  of your pets; the washing machine smells bad; or even Mold can grow on damp areas in the home. What are the safest techniques to effectively purify the home and eliminate bad odors?

Using a fragrance lamp

A catalytic lamp or fragrance lamp is a new type of fragrance dispenser. It is an empty lamp, usually made of glass, into which a fragrance solution is poured. A cotton wick is attached to the noble stone cap. You have two caps. The first one is used to close it when the fragrance emission is finished. The second one, which is more aesthetic, has holes that help the diffusion. Simply buy refills of lamp scent. The scent will eliminate unwanted odors from the house. It also purifies the air and brings a pleasant fragrance inside the room.

How to use the fragrance lamp?

First, put the fragrance solution into the lamp by pouring the content of the aroma refill into it. There is no need to fill it. Half or 3/4 of it is enough. Then you soak the wick by closing the stone end for at least twenty minutes. After that, you will notice that the stone and the metal are wet. You should light this stone for two minutes. The flame is quite impressive. As a precaution, you should move away from it a little. After two minutes, simply blow out the flame and cover with the diffuser cap. The smoke will bring the fragrance, the one that will allow you to get rid of any annoying smell.

Diffusing essential oils at home

If you do not have a catalytic lamp, you can use the essential oil technique. It is effective against the odors of toilets, garbage cans, litter boxes and others. The principle is similar. But unlike the fragrance lamp, you will only perfume the house without purifying it. Nevertheless, you will eliminate unpleasant odors. You will smell the scent of the essential oil you have chosen instead. The most recommended are lavender, tea tree, lemongrass or Ravensara essential oils. You can also create a personalized perfume by mixing several essential oils.

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