How to create a Zen atmosphere in your bathroom?

To recharge and relax, you don't always have to go to a spa, because your bathroom can become your favorite relaxation room. Change your mind and create a corner of relaxation and serenity in your home. Give your bathroom a Zen atmosphere with the following tips.

Number 1: good storage and color matching

If you want to bring out a Zen atmosphere in your bathroom, storage is the most essential. It comes first as you are going to transform the room into a place of relaxation. Shampoos, soaps, creams, etc. scattered all over the place will burden the room and bring trouble. Store your products, towels, toilet paper, in a closed cupboard in order to have a calm and uncluttered atmosphere. For the colors, whether for the walls, tiles, carpets, accessories, favor soft colors that evoke a natural touch and class. White, beige, ochre, grey ... are perfect. In case you like strong colors, choose between powder pink, sky blue, or green to stay  in a less tiring atmosphere.

Number 2: Authentic materials and accessories

Apart from storage and color, it is also important to focus on materials and accessories. For the furniture in the bathroom, raw wood is at the top of the list to have a Zen feel; the cupboard, the bathtub or sink liner, the stool, the towel rack, etc. There is also marble furniture that often rhymes with the walls, tiles and bathtub. These are the two materials that provide a soothing atmosphere. Moreover, the accessories must be well chosen to refine the cozy and Zen theme. Choose vintage decorations in grey or brown pastel colors such as natural fiber baskets, vintage wooden boxes, clay storage boxes, etc. The more you keep it simple, the prettier the room will be.

Number 3: plants for a real Zen atmosphere

Relaxation means nature and a green atmosphere. For a Zen bathroom, the room must give off a feeling similar to that in nature. Only a decoration with green plants allows you to achieve this goal. There are coconut and palm bonsai, billionaire, succulents such as aloe ... all suitable for the bathroom. If possible, choose only green plants, because those with flowers of dynamic colors can spoil the decoration. Also, don't put too many of them, just one of these plants in a corner is enough.

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