How to eliminate odors in the bathroom?

In a bathroom, pipes, tile joints, humidity, toilets and mold are sources of bad odors. If the bathroom is poorly ventilated, these unpleasant odors can even permeate the entire house. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep this room smelling fresh. What are they?

Use an air freshener or air purifier

A simple air circulation will dissipate annoying odors in the bathroom. It is therefore important to leave the bathroom well ventilated or to turn on the fan once you leave the bathroom. If the bathroom is poorly ventilated, the occupant can use an air purifier, which is a device that optimizes air circulation while eliminating the bacteria that cause bad odors. However, if these are not eliminated in this way, it is preferable to use a neutralizing deodorizer. This product will quickly remove odors from the bathroom. Diffusing a home fragrance that is specifically designed for this room is also an effective solution. You can find refills for reed diffusers at Maison Berger.

Clean the bathroom regularly

Regular cleaning is also an effective way to neutralize bad odors in the bathroom. For example, the occupant can prepare homemade recipes such as a mixture of baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar to clean the area around the toilet. Alcohol can also be used for the sink and toilet bowls. To add pleasant smells, but also to optimize the antibacterial action of this product, a few drops of essential oil like cedar can be added. The toilet tank can be cleaned with white vinegar. In addition, the floor should be mopped and the bathtub, shower and sink should be cleaned regularly.

Emptying garbage and washing towels

If there is a waste bin in the bathroom, it is necessary to empty it regularly, at least once a week. Indeed, waste that remains for a long time in a trash can produce unpleasant odors. Over time, these odors can stink up the bathroom and even the whole house. In addition, the bathroom is always damp, so the towel can quickly become moldy. To avoid the accumulation of bad odors, you should wash your towels and hand towels at least once a week.

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