How to design your kitchen like a bistro?

It is currently fashionable to have a wonderful bistro style kitchen. The most important creation of this space is to reproduce the atmosphere of an American or Parisian bar or bistro with its specificities: attractive equipment, wall panels imitating various materials, decorative paintings or models with urban motifs, dazzling ceilings and bright colors that whet the appetite.

The bistro style kitchen imitates the Paris bistro with a pleasant and warm interior

Clear lines and sobriety, natural light, simple style and rectangular styles are preferred. Although all the items are visible in the kitchen, this should not spoil the space. Chairs do not match; suspensions are symmetrical and elegant and tiles give a geometric style. In some cases, a kitchen of this style has the characteristics of a commercial kitchen. Opt for bright, vibrant colors and primary colors, mainly light grey or black and white, and decoration in bright hues. Blue or red refrigerators, old pots, pans or colored light bulbs hung in a distinctive shade all add vibrancy to a bistro kitchen.

Large open kitchen with characteristic elements

Kitchen islands, tables, bars and wooden benches, typical of these cheerful kitchens are the large and inviting cabinets that can accommodate more than 4  people. The worktop is displayed in a central position, because everything in a  tavern kitchen is supposed to be perfectly decorative and functional. A separate or delimited dining room specially designed for breakfasts and lunches. In addition to its practical function, reflecting a warm, typically French atmosphere, a table that extends from a kitchen island makes a special impression. The word bistro means delicious food to share with friends and quick service.

Modern kitchen with graceful lines

The black slate can be used to write a daily meal list or shopping list and bring a truly retro chic look to the kitchen. Contrasting materials such as chrome are combined with stone, pottery and wood. Wooden chairs and tables, acrylic countertops, brick walls or stone walls and flooring all make the room more cheerful. Copy your favorite restaurants and cafés in the smallest details: under plates, wall clocks, utensils, napkin cushions, chair cushions or small bar stools. Decorative accessories are the final touches to personalize the kitchen and give the room the image you want!

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