Why do smells create ambience in your home?

Nowadays, there are many ways to immortalize a party or a special moment. Scents have a memorizing power so that you can remember that magical moment. Aromatherapy is effective in stimulating the nervous system and calming the mind.

Why is the diffusion of a perfume at home important?

Diffusing a perfume is also sharing an atmosphere and creating an unforgettable moment. We have a good memory for smells and this memory is linked to an emotion. To liven up a party or an event, it is recommended to use several scents: food scents to whet the appetite, childhood scents such as pastries and sweets, landscapes that make you travel to the forest, the seaside or smell flowers. However, choose natural perfumes of high quality. You can scent your car, your bag, your office and your home because the sensation of a good smell in your environment makes you feel good and comfortable. Your olfactory memory will rekindle and boost your memory. Reed Diffuser Aroma Natural White Willow Sticks is a pack of 6 natural willow sticks that can help you organize an event such as a birthday party, a family or business dinner. In addition, you can change the scent.

What about aromatherapy?

Smells have several beneficial effects on our physical, mental and emotional health. Not only do they boost memory, but they also soothe the psyche or stimulate your mind by giving it energy. An olfactory stimulant activates the limbic system and transmits messages to the nervous system. The nervous system will then secrete dopamine, adrenaline or other motivational hormones. These hormones then affect behavior. If you are suffering from depression, lack of sleep or energy, it is recommended that you use essential oils that have a strong action on olfaction. The essential oil will improve your mood by balancing your hormone.

The benefits of each scent

It is scientifically proven that most fragrances have a beneficial effect on all patients with mood disorders. In healthy people, a pleasant-smelling sensation provides their well-being. Vanilla has a comforting effect, a sweet smell that mechanically evokes mother's milk. Experiments have shown that the smell of vanilla reduces the respiratory apnea of a newborn baby. Plant scents reduce stress. If you've had a hectic day, smell a citrus-based scent. The smell of pine has a calming effect on people suffering from anxiety.

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