Why is carpeting making a comeback in our homes?

For years, flooring trends have focused on hard wood (or engineered) flooring. However, the carpet trend has returned for good. According to the report, 17% of home owners who remodeled their homes in 2018 purchased carpeting. In fact, people are still opting for carpeted floors in bedrooms, especially upstairs, to dampen noise.

Should you carpet your floors?

Carpets have gained notoriety due to the wide availability of many fashionable color variations and patterns. As a result, carpets are often chosen to complement rooms, no longer as a cheaper alternative, but as a complement to the interior design. Carpets are also making a comeback and appearing in various interiors. Thanks to the variety of patterns, colors and materials used, they fit into many arrangements and emphasize their unique character. At the same time, they are practical, as they protect floors, such as laminate floors, from excessive wear and tear, muffle sound and even regulate the humidity in the room. So why choose them?

Carpet coverings - benefits

Even if you like the noble look of bare floors, such as natural wood or sandstone, there are certain rooms in the house where you want warmth and comfort. These include the bedroom, the children's room and the living room. In these cases, a carpet is the ideal solution. It is easy to install and can be cut to fit your individual needs. It adds warmth to the room and it is both comfortable and pleasant on the feet. For  many people, the biggest advantage of carpeting is that it can cover the entire surface of the floor, eliminating the risk of slipping, and also providing the opportunity to soundproof the room and hide cavities in worn floors.

How to use carpets for interior decoration?

Using carpet for interior design has always been a great tool for architects and designers. However, some designers are exploring new ways to use carpet as an interior design tool - and some of them may surprise you. Indeed, custom carpeting is not just for decorating floors. In one room, a vibrant carpet is used both on the floor and as a cover for a wing chair. In other rooms, wallpaper is complemented by matching carpet to create a cohesive interior and design. In projects still in development, the use of carpet as a wall element has moved from accompanying wallpaper to a tapestry style, literally hanging sections of carpet on the walls as works of art.

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